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tv   Action News  ABC  September 16, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and me. >> we've had a busy morning already. we're following several developing stories as well on this tuesday, september 16th. developing stories as well on inside his daughter's bedroom. we have new details on this deadly shooting. >> a teenager is recovering from an attack that happened while she was on her way home from school. >> and atlantic city says farewell to yet another casino this morning. it is the fourth to go belly up just this year. >> good morning out there, it is now 4:30. we'll get to all of those stories in just a moment. first we want to check any inn
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with meteorologist dave murphy. let's go to david. good morning. >> we have storm tracker 6 live double scan and there are some showers, some fairly steady highlighted with yellows and reds and these are pushing in from the west. looks like chester county and berks county are getting the brunt of it right now but points to the east you'll is to keep your eyes on that. looks like there's action pushing into southern and central delaware. new castle sell county with a couple sprinkles and scattered stuff to the west of the lehigh valley. that's were we're watching this morning. the wide view on satellite shows a fair amount of cloud cover and some additional showers to the west that may try and pop in as well but as we get into the afternoon, we are expecting some improvement. still cool out there again this morning. starting out at 62 in philadelphia. 51 in allentown, 56 in reading. not quite as chilly as it was this time yesterday but still a cool start. 63 in wilmington. up to 67 along our boardwalks on the south jersey shore and as we're heading outer to catch the bus, it's still on the cool side.
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60 degrees by 6 o'clock, 62 by 8 o'clock. lots of clouds this morning and a spot attorney at times. but we do look at improvement today. looks like we'll go to 63 with a fair amount of clouds at 9:00 by noon 70. 76 drying out more sun during the afternoon. that's your high today and by 6 o'clock beginning to clear and 62 degrees and that sets us up for a very nice night. can we keep the nice pattern in place throughout the seven-day forecast? we'll have a look coming up, matt. >> david thank you. we're following several breaking stories on this tuesday morning. first in northeast philadelphia where police say a father shot and killed man who had climbed into his daughter's bedroom. the action cam on the scene here along the 2700 block of ax factory road. police say a 32 year old man either broke in or was let in through a rear window late last night. the father, police say, entered the bedroom, struggled with the man and shot him in the head killing him. erin o'hearn will bring us a live update on this breaking
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story at 5:00 a.m. also breaking, a night out at a local watering hole turned tragic in philadelphia's juniata section. chopper six was overhead where shots rang out at the family tavern last night. it is located along the 1100 block of east luzerne and bennington streets. police say victim was near the pool table when he was shot at point blank range. right now police believe an argument between the gunman and the victim sparked the shooting. witnesses saw the killer run away from the bar up bennington street. he has not been. >> a teen girl is recovering after she was found unconscious in northeast philadelphia. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at special victims unit in hunting park with the very latest on this story. good morning, katherine. good morning, tam. police are still trying to figure out what exactly happened last evening. they were interviewing doctors, they were interviewing the victim's parents and they're interviewing the victim but police said she was a bit
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disoriented after coming to. it's still very early on and police are trying to sort out the details. police were calledly to northeast philadelphia last night around 7:45. a 15-year-old girl was found unconscious off roosevelt boulevard in a wooded area a few feet from a guardrail. the girl still had on her school uniform, she had bruises on her shoulders and legs and a bump on the back of her head. she told police she had been on a crowded septa route 14 bus -- she stepped off to let other riders exit when the doors closed. the girl started walking down the boulevard when she said a man tried to talk to her. she ignored him and seconds later she was knocked out from behind. police are still trying to determine what happened. >> we do know that around 7 o'clock p.m. her family did report her as a missing person when she did not return home from school. so, she was reported missing around 7:00 p.m. she was found by the passerby around 7:45 p.m. >> reporter: and in that
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15-year-old girl was taken to saint christopher's hospital in stable condition. again, it's still very early on in this investigation and we're hoping to learn more today about what happened last evening. we're live at special victims unit, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> thank you katherine. a new jersey teach cerak caused of having a sexual relationship with his student. princeton police say nolan johnson, a 39-year-old information technology teacher engaged in inappropriate sexual behavior with a 16-year-old girl. they say it happened numerous times in june while she was johnson's student at the hun school of princeton. johnson is charged with sexual assault. >> the doors closed today at the trump plaza in atlantic city about a thousand workers are losing their jobs. casino operations will end just before 6:00 a.m. this morning and then the hotel closes later today. the trump plaza opened back in 1984. it is the fourth casino to go under in ac. as well, the trump taj mahal may shut down in november putting yet another 3,000 people out of work.
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already 7,000 workers have lost their jobs from the showboat, atlantic club and revel all going under. potential bidders for the revel better ante up before september 24th. a bankruptcy court judge approved that date to auction off atlantic city's most recently closed casino but if no one else comes forward by then revel will go to a florida developer named glen straub. he's offering $90 million cash. his plan is to reopen revel a couple weeks thereafter if the sale goes through and while there's no gone tea, they expect to offer gambling at some point. happening today, jury selection is expected to start in the trial of pennsylvania governor tom corbett's son-in-law. prosecutors say this video shows gerald gibson stealing $140 in cash actually -- that's -- there you go inauguration video from a car. the alleged theft happened during a sting gibson was on last year as a narcotics officer with the philadelphia police. gibson is accused of corruption and is now off of the police force. his lawyer says gibson
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intended to turn the money in as evidence but was arrest bread he could do so. >> the eagles are forcing us to keep the may locks within reach. they came from behind to win for the second straight week. this time they rallied up from 20 to six in the third quarter against the colts. the game tying score was set up by the fumble recovery. darren sproles the star of the game scored on a gritty run. he had seven catches for 152 yards. minutes later the eagles down a touchdown again picked off a pass and another big darren sproles run set up nick foles to jeremy mack thrown tie it. another defensive stop and codey parker, the excolt came through in the final seconds. the field goal wins it 30 to 27. park key redeems himself for a miss early in the game. jamie apody has more. >> reporter: two games, two wins, neither pretty but the eagles will take it. after this latest victory go ahead and call them the comeback kids. >> i think a lot of it is they
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have managed what they're doing but i think their confidence is based on their preparation and hardest working team i've ever been around. they understand what we're trying to get accomplished. >> i think it was a great team win. facing adversity, we've definitely faced our fair share and the guys stuck together. >> it says a lot about us not playing on that elite level and still winning games. we're hitting all feelers and we struggling for this team. >> the colts traded me and i didn't have any bad blood with them. they were awesome. traded me here and i knew i would see them in week two and all week i've just ben prepping for this. >> reporter: the eagles are the first team in nfl history to start off two and zero after trailing by 14 or more points in the second half. next week their first divisional game at home against the redskins. in indy, i'm ducis rodgers. >> by then we hope to be able to tell the difference between ducis rodgers and jamie apody.
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>> she got quite a tan. >> eagles all al flown first place in the nl east. >> a large explosion near the u.s. embassy in the afghan capital rattles windows and kills soldiers. >> a possible second child abuse case involving vikings football star adrian peterson. david. >> a couple showers around. you might want an umbrella with the kids. jackets required, too, 'cause it's cool again but this afternoon we see improvement. i'll have details coming up in that accuweather 7-day. >> ♪
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60 is the new 50. they also say your're only as young as you feel. we feel great. how about those blinds of yours? blinds to go blinds for life. moving through this morning. >> yes, we do. some are steady at least for a time. storm tracker 6 scanning the delaware and lehigh valleys. if we go in closer there you can see the light showers that are popping through and some of these are producing some fairly steady downpours. i'll go ahead and let this move a little bit for you. you can see how some of this is popping into chester county and we'll go in tight there. a lot of these areas not going to be dealing with rain real long but that is obviously real steady rain and that is going to show you down and make your roads rather wet. so, this is pushing in on coatesville. looks likes oxford getting on the other side of it. wilmington just starting to pick up some of the lighter stuff n you're in malvern, norristown, pottstown this is on the way. again the wide view and there's also some of this farther to the north affecting
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reading right now. doesn't look like reading is going to be involved too much longer in that steady stuff but it's coming through right now. and this is going to move over more or less towards quakertown and allentown at some point rap in the next hour or so. doesn't look like there's at much going on down south. we have cloud cover across the region, much more so than we did yesterday. as the clouds are thicker along with these showers popping through. as we take a look at temps, it's cool once again. so even where it isn't raining you want to bundle up a bit. jacket would be a good idea. 62 degrees. dewpoint 55 and the winds east-southeast at 7 miles per hour and i'm bringing in in always on seven day on the left hand portion of your hd screens in case you want to look ahead. for today we're looking at these showers popping through for awhile this morning. by 7:30 there could still be some of this off and on around the region. but by about 10 o'clock looks like they're starting to move towards the east of philadelphia, the western suburbs as early as 10 or 11 o'clock could see the return of sunshine and then that's going to be the order of the day.
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clouds giving way to more sun as the day goes on and these showers only in the morning. temperatures will warm up a bit later on, too. 62 by 8 o'clock. 68 by 11 o'clock. by 2 o'clock, 74 degrees and 76 is your high probably around 3 o'clock or so. still holding onto the mid 70's by 5 o'clock. high temperatures across the region, everybody in the 70's. low 70's in allentown, mid 70's in cape may and atlantic city and 76 is about as high as we'll get in the i-95 corridor. nice night for union soccer at ppl park where the union will be trying to win their first championship. this is a tournament game. the u.s. cup if i think against the seattle sounders. game start temperature 69, 65 in the 90th minute. not a whole lot of wind down there but a little cool so bring jackets to the game. then tomorrow i'm just going to show you future tracker. nothing going on. looks like lots of sunshine tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast looking at a nice afternoon following kind of a gray damp morning. a high of 76 later on it is
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going to be a day that features reemerging sunshine. tomorrow sunny and nice, 75. thursday 76. cooler on friday, seventy one i'll point out to you that the overnight lows the next several nights are cool and that means we're going to start out cool in the morning. on saturday we bounce back to 75. decent day for union soccer. might be a little shower or drizzle around on saturday morning but that's not a big deal and it still looks like it will get pretty warm again for our eagles when they come home to lincoln field on sup. >> and desean jackson perhaps. breaking news in afghanistan. nato confirmed a suicide bombing killed three service members and wounded five more plus 15 other civilians. this is brand new video from the scene. the last tour through cars just yards from the u.s. embassy in kabul this morning. the taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack. officials could not confirm the nationalities of the
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victims at this point. >> happening today president obama travels to the centers for disease control to outline a flew u.s. led effort against the ebola out break. the president's plan to be announced in atlanta is expected to include the deployment of up to 3,000 additional military medical personnel to train health workers in west africa and to distribute protection kits to families in affected areas. the ebola out break has killed more than 2400 people since march and thousands more are expected to be infected before the out break is contained. >> new this morning, the child abuse allegations against adrian peterson have cost the minnesota vikings a key team sponsor. the rad son hotel chain temporarily cut ties following the team's decision to clear peterson to play on sunday. the running back was charged with child abuse last week as he was accused of using a wooden switch on his son. additional claims surfaced yesterday. the mother of peterson's other four year old child filed a report with child protective services but no charges have
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been filed in that case. the nfl is making staffing changes as it scrambles to address how it handles domestic violence cases. in a memo to all teams commissioner roger goodell announced hiring of three female consultants that will serve as advisors. plus current nfl executive not seen here anna isaacson will take on the role of vice president of social responsibility. >> it's now 4:47. all new on "action news" as olivia pope she's the star of scandal but kerry washington is wearing the white hat against domestic violence. we'll tell you how she's doing it. >> new video of a texas police officer stopping a wrong way driver on a busy interstate. see that next. >> and a reminder you're always able to take the new with you when you're on the go. its layout to fit whatever
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no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. >> let's take a look at your roads here. this is looking pretty good. this is delaware county, 95 by the commodore barry. roads are dry, traffic moving well between the airport and the delaware state line but in delaware, there's no southbound amtrak service this morning. the trains are halted between wilmington and d.c. we're keeping tabs on the situation and we'll give you updates as the morning goes on. let's look at the
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boulevard at broad street. traffic looking good but northbound near rhawn look out for paving work in that inner drive and northbound between red line and halderman there is a fluid spill blocking two lanes of the outer drive. matt. >> so lonely on those roads at 4:51, isn't it, tam. >> it is. >> yeah. oh, well. something to ponder i guess for your tuesday morning. checking the travel forecast here at the big board, some things pop in your head and you say them on the air. this is the national picture. all these planes live over the lower 48. we have 1266 of them. it's a good amount for a tuesday morning. let's check and see where you could see some travel problems if you're flying elsewhere and these are weather related traffic issues. the box of trouble here up and down the east coast. now, up here from boston new york city philadelphia, d.c. just rain shower activity and david is tracking the rain that's kind of moving across right now in the western suburbs of philadelphia. but down here when you get to atlanta and also the major airports in florida could see
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some thundershower activity so that could be the problem out there. notice in the midwest all is g the circle of goodness as opposed to the box of trouble but down here in texas, we have thundershowers possible in dallas and also houston so that could delay flights there. phoenix could see some extremely serious weather, some pretty strong thundershowers moving across there so you could see some delays there at sky harbor. finally san francisco low cloud cover in the morning, clearing out. lax looking good. tam, back to you. >> okay, thank you, matt. more developing news this morning. gunfire erupted overnight and now a woman is fighting for her life much these shots rang out just before 12:30 in the port richmond section of philadelphia. police tell "action news" a 24-year-old woman was sitting on a porch on the 3400 block of braddock when she was shot in the stomach three times. she was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. the gunman here not arrested and no word yet on the motive behind this shooting. a texas police officer's being held up as a hero for putting his police cruiser and his life in the path of a
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speeding wrong way driver. the suspect stopped just in time as sergeant gary sharp prepared for impact last friday night on i45 near couldn't row. after that the driver turned around and fled. the suspect led multiple agencies on a high speed chase before the car was finally stopped and inside the vehicle police discovered there were two small children ages 18 months and four years old. they were area rescued unharmed. >> good thing. 4:53 now. all new in the next half hour of "action news" two people recovering from a nasty crash in philadelphia overnight. police say the driver lost control and crashed into a store front. >> singer robin thicke says the summer of 2013 was truly a bit of a blur for him. hit song murder lines which sounds a lot like anoth
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>> a baltimore officer was caught on camera punching a >> a baltimore officer was and the man was the one who was charged with assault is that the attorneys for collin trust filed a seven count lawsuit against police officer vis sent kosem. according to documents he had claimed he saw an intoxicated trust loitering in front of a liquor store and told trust to move. the two exchanged words and according to trust's attorneys, kosem came out of nowhere and hit trust several times. he remains on the baltimore force. >> singer robin thicke's legal strategy seems to be his sorry state, being high and drunk are the tender poles of thick's defense in a high
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stakes lawsuit. he confessed he was on vicodin and alcohol when the hit song blurred lines was written so much so he says he couldn't contribute to its creation just its singing. the suit filed by marvin gay's family accuses of thick and two others of illegally stealing gay's hit. scandal actress kerry washington has been named the 2014 ambassador for the allstate foundation's purple purse initiative. in her public service announcement washington says one in four women will be the victim of domestic violence and she says finances are almost always the weapon of choice to keep a woman trapped. >> the investigation is under way into the fatal shooting of a plan in a northeast philadelphia home. i'll have a live update moments from now. >> a south jersey community rallies around a group of clear leaders after they were the victims of theft and to blame. the usual?
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala
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>> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock, it is tuesday, september 16th and we're following breaking news. >> a man shoots and kills another man after finding that man in his daughter's bedroom overnight. >> a 15-year-old school girl is found unconscious other side of a busy road. police say she was assaulted as she tried to make her way home from school. >> trump plaza closes its doors this morning. it is the fourth atlantic city casino to go belly up this year. >> and we have showers moving through the region right now. let's get details from david and karen. good morning. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan with the latest images of these showers piing them up right now. you can see there's some heavy weather or at least heavy rain in small pockets that are pushing out of southern berks county into northern montgomery county or northern chester county, the western edge of montgomery county. chester county right through the heart is also seeing this and down in new castle county, if you're in wilmington you're


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